Invocation to the Muses

The Invocation to the Muse is a common feature of epic poetry. It is a plea made to one of the nine muses of ancient Greco-Roman mythology. It is a way for the poet to ask for divine inspiration and the skill, knowledge, and the right emotion to complete a poem worthy of his subject matter. In the epic poem, it is also used to introduce the main characters and establish the theme of the story.

In the opening of The Odyssey by Homer, the author starts with the Invocation to the Muse to introduce the main characters of Odysseus' journey home after the Trojan War and establish the theme of "the journey". He describes the many obstacles that Odysseus faced, and he speaks of the hero's bravery and cunning.

Odyssey Linux begins today with my Invocation to the Muses. I intend to learn about each piece that makes up the Linux operating system and as I do, I will explore the various projects available today to fill each role. I hope this will be a journey of both discovery and innovation. I will select the project that is, in my opinion, the best choice for each component, or if I am not satisfied with any of the available options, I will write my own.

‌I know not everyone will agree with my choices, but I hope others will find this project a worthy offering for their selection. I want to give back to the community as a whole, not just the final product, but the journey itself. I intend to record this in both a written blog and video vlog, as different people find each to be best for them to learn from. So, whether you seek an analysis of the options available, a guide to help you troubleshoot, or a full operating system, I hope “My Linux Odyssey” can provide something for each of you.